Frank Herbert's Dune: A Critical Companion book cover

Dune Critical Companion Book Release

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my book Frank Herbert’s Dune: A Critical Companion! It is part of the “Palgrave Science Fiction and Fantasy: A New Canon” series and brings together previous scholarship and new approaches to Dune to give fresh insights into the complexities of this science fiction classic. In this book, I show why Dune deserves a place in the science fiction and fantasy canon. After a review of Herbert’s life and the historical context of the U.S. and science fiction genre in the mid-20th century, there are chapters on five key themes in Dune: politics and

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Dune Imperium Rise of Ix board game

Review of Dune: Imperium Rise of Ix Expansion and Deluxe Upgrade Pack

Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix The Dune Imperium: Rise of Ix (2022) expansion definitely changes the gameplay for this Dune board game. (See my review of Dune: Imperium for more on the original gameplay.) It took a second play of the expansion for me to get the hang of the new features and see their potential for new strategies, and there’s more to explore in future games. Here’s a brief review of the expansion and my experience playing it in a two-player game. The Rise of Ix expansion includes a CHOAM board overlay that sits on top of and expands

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Digital Nomads podcast on Dune

Podcast Interview on Fremen in Dune

It was a pleasure to be interviewed on the Digital Nomads podcast and explore the oft-neglected Fremen characters in Frank Herbert’s Dune! We discussed some of the cultures and histories that influenced Herbert and helped create a multi-layered science fiction work that rewards re-readings. Check out the Digital Nomads podcast episode “The Fremen in Dune” here.

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