Ryan Doherty's article for Inverse on Dune sequel adaptations

Commentary in Inverse article on Dune adaptations

Rory Doherty in Should Denis Villeneuve Make More Dune Sequels? Dune Scholars Aren’t So Sure for Inverse interviewed me and others about potential future sequel adaptations of Dune.

I find interesting that people are praising the films for supposedly changing ‘nothing characters’ into something, but also not minding the downplaying or erasure of others such as the Mentats and Guild. It’s also interesting how journalists continue to have a much broader definition of who qualifies as an expert or scholar and tend to draw from their own media pools. Academics may be harder to get a hold of but there is value in consulting people who have thought deeply about a subject. Part of the reason for my public scholarship aims to bridge some of this gap. Also, the framing of this headline and article makes it sound like we’re against sequels or something, but I wasn’t asked if they should be made, just what they might look like. The world of journalism tends not to have the same nuances available in academia.

Anyway, I’m glad to have participated and will keep this as reference if and when any sequels get made!