Frank Herbert's Dune: A Critical Companion book cover

Dune Critical Companion Book Release

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my book Frank Herbert’s Dune: A Critical Companion! It is part of the “Palgrave Science Fiction and Fantasy: A New Canon” series and brings together previous scholarship and new approaches to Dune to give fresh insights into the complexities of this science fiction classic.

In this book, I show why Dune deserves a place in the science fiction and fantasy canon. After a review of Herbert’s life and the historical context of the U.S. and science fiction genre in the mid-20th century, there are chapters on five key themes in Dune: politics and religion, environment and ecology, mind and consciousness, heroes, and women’s influence. Then there is a conclusion on other ways to interpret the novel, and a comprehensive bibliography of scholarly publications on Dune that will be useful for other researchers.

Find the press release here. To find out how to purchase the book to support me as the author and see the latest coupon codes, please visit my Publications page.