Adaptations of Dune: Frank Herbert's Story on Screen books on shelf

New Book Out Soon

There’s just a month to go until the publication of my next book, Adaptations of Dune: Frank Herbert’s Story on Screen!

Pre-order the Kindle ebook version on Amazon now, or wait until the paperback release on February 5. An audiobook version will hopefully follow soon after.

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While the world has awaited the Dune: Part Two film (now scheduled for a March release), I decided to study the three existing adaptations and how faithful they are to Frank Herbert’s book. All of the directors said publicly that they wanted to stay faithful to the source material, so I took a closer look at the evidence in the story, script, setting, characters, and more. I discovered a lot of intriguing material along the way, and I hope you find what I’ve put together interesting too!


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