Adaptations of Dune book

Adaptations of Dune available now

My new book Adaptations of Dune: Frank Herbert’s Story on Screen has been released! Find it in paperback and ebook versions on Amazon.

This book is all about the three screen adaptations of Dune — David Lynch’s 1984 film Dune, John Harrison’s 2000 television miniseries Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 Dune: Part One — and how faithful they are to Herbert’s source material. It is the first study of the miniseries and the first extended study of Dune: Part One, and provides the groundwork for understanding these adaptations and how closely they align to the book so beloved by people around the world.

Check out the press release and an early review at DuneNewsNet:

“…Kennedy has done a wonderful job of pulling together information from a wide range of sources, from printed material to online articles, from podcasts to YouTube videos, and all are thoroughly detailed in the 20 pages of references. This makes the book a one-stop-shop for learning about Dune onscreen…”

And you can listen to an interview with me about the book on the latest podcast episode of Dune Talk.

Adaptations of Dune book cover
Adaptations of Dune is now available for purchase on Amazon

I’m excited to see this book out into the world and hope all of you enjoy discovering some of the interesting facts and insights I found during the process of research and writing.

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